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Grid Cells Encode Local Positional Information

Revekka Ismakov, Omri Barak, Kate Jeffery, Dori Derdikman. Current Biology 2017 (advance online publication)

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Extracting grid cell characteristics from place cell inputs using non-negative principal component analysis

Yedidyah Dordek*, Daniel Soudry*, Ron Meir, Dori Derdikman *Equal Contrib eLife 2016; 5, e10094

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Grid cells correlation structure suggests organized feedforward projections into superficial layers of the medial-entorhinal cortex

Gilad Tocker, Omri Barak and Dori Derdikman. Hippocampus, 2015; 25: 1599–1613

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Three-dimensional head-direction coding in the bat brain

Arseny Finkelstein*, Dori Derdikman*, Alon Rubin, Jakob N. Foerster, Liora Las & Nachum Ulanovsky. Nature 517:159-164 2015 (Article)

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Coding of Object Location in the Vibrissal Thalamocortical System

Yu C., Horev G., Rubin N., Derdikman D., Haidarliu S., Ahissar E.; Cerebral Cortex 25:3 pp. 563-577 (2015)

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Space,Time and Memory in the Hippocampal Formation

Dori Derdikman, James J. Knierim
ISBN: 978-3-7091-1291-5 (Print) 978-3-7091-1292-2 (Online)

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Pre-neuronal morphological processing of object location by individual whiskers

Bagdasarian, K., Szwed, M., Knutsen, P.M., Deutsch, D., Derdikman, D., Pietr, M., Simony, E. & Ahissar, E. . Nat Neurosci advance online publication, 2013

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Grid cells require excitatory drive from the hippocampus

Bonnevie, T., Dunn, B., Fyhn, M., Hafting, T., Derdikman, D., Kubie, J.L., Roudi, Y., Moser, E.I. & Moser, M.-B.
Nat Neurosci 16, 309-317 (2013)

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Head direction maps remain stable despite grid map fragmentation

Whitlock JR & Derdikman D, 2012
Frontiers in Neural Circuits 6:9
(Article part of Research Topic
“The Neural Circuit for Spatial Representation”)

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A manifold of spatial maps in the brain

Derdikman D & Moser EI, 2010
Trends in Cognitive Sciences 14 (12), p. 561-569 (review)

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A dual role for hippocampal replay

Derdikman D & Moser M-B, 2010
Neuron, (5), 582-584 (commentary)

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Fragmentation of grid cell maps in a multicompartment environment

Derdikman D, Whitlock JR, Tsao A, Fyhn M, Hafting T, Moser M-B, Moser EI, 2009
Nature Neuroscience (12),1325-1332

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Are the boundary-related cells in the subiculum boundary-vector cells?

Derdikman D
2009, Journal of Neuroscience, 29(43),13429-31 (journal-club paper)

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